Sight Seeing Roatan Culture And Mangrove Tour $40.00

Roatan Honduras Island Tour. When your cruise ship arrives and docks at any port of Roatan and you have met with us. We start you off on a wonderful historical tour through the whole Island. This tour will go through the capital city of the whole Island by the name of Coxen Hole. We also go through French Harbour city where there is a largest fishing industry on the whole Island, and also some of the best sea food restaurants on the Island. One the most interesting stop of the East End side of the Island is the Iguana Farm. It consist of over 3000 iguanas, monkey, tarpon fish, turtles, lobsters, conch and a whole lot more marine life. Entrance fee is $ 8 per person. As the ride continue we will make a stop at the middle part of the Island, where  you will get outside of the van to view both side of the Island at once and get very great photos opportunities. The Mangrove Sight Seeing tour is a drive through the Garifuna town where you can notice their traditions and culture.

As the ride continues we will take you to Oak Ridge’s where you will take a water taxi ride through the village of Oak Ridge’s that is built over the water as we go to Mangrove tunnel. Your private tour guide will be with you for the entire day and if you wish to visit any other of our beautiful Island sites within your space of time you are must welcome to do so just let you guide know and he or she will take care of anything else that you wish to do.

This excursion cost $40 per person depending on your group size. If your group is 2 person it will cost $60 each. If your group is 3 person it will cost $50 each. If your group is 4 person and over it will cost $40 each. This private excursion Sight Seeing East End Mangrove Tour is designed just for you and your group.

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