Zip line And Beach Aventure $65.00 

Roatan Zip line Tour Shore excursions in Roatan. Click and zip on our beautiful Roatan Island with the native Islanders, and have a great adventure throughout the jungle. See some of our native animals while doing the Canopy zipline tour. This tour is for anyone over the age of 5, and under 300lbs adventurous and in moderate physical condition. So don't let your age or ability be an obstacle. Our groups are small, our guides are experienced and our trips are always memorable. All groups or individuals are briefed by professional instructors before mounting the cables. Our Canopy Zipline tour has a changing area, Restrooms and a snacks bar, were you can purchase cold drinks such as beers, water, and soft drinks. We have a shaded area for you to rest and refresh yourself after your Roatan zipline adventure. 

Our zip lines includes two cables, one is used to attach your harness and pulley for easy gliding from one platform to the other. The second cable is simply for attaching emergency clips. There are 13 cables not including the emergency cables.16 platforms await you at different levels of the tour. The Maximum length of the cables is 1300ft. with the highest point being over 100 ft. The duration of the tour is between 55 to 65 minutes. The tour is 3 kilometers long. There are numerous tricks that tourist can try with help of the instructors. Such as Superman, The up side down and the Monkey. When finished with the zip line tour we will head over to West Bay Tabyana Beach which is just 5 minutes away from the South Shore canopy tour.

At the beach there are so many other activities you can find to do such as banana boat, Jets ski rental, snorkel rental, kayak rental and more. Once you are at the beach you can spend as much time as you like our guide private tour will be there with you until you are ready to go back to your ship.

Cost $65 Dollars per person, its includes your Canopy zip lining Aventure, your beach trip and

your private tour guide and vehicle for the day.

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